United Airlines: Re-Defining "Red Eye"

That poor passenger should have asked for a couple pillows as soon as he was seated!


Gold Rush

SeniorOlylmpics1_P1WebCThe Fogies are taking a break from one of their favorite Olympics activities to share some early observations and random thoughts/questions about the Summer Games:

  1. How does NBC manage to find so many apoplectic color commentators for this shindig? Their often-uncalled-for mania is as annoying as canned laughter tracks on bad sitcoms. Geesh, take a Xanex and relax!
  2. The Opening Ceremony theatrics were amazing! We could watch that again, no problem.
  3. If you haven't done so already, find a way to watch events other than NBC's tiresome "big events" coverage. You can actually focus on the competition rather than cult-of-personality story lines that are so important to the network's pre-planned programming agenda.
  4. If it wasn't obvious to you already, the Rio Games certainly highlight the problems with extreme "haves" and "have-nots" capitalism. What's the trickle-down plan for helping poor people in Rio when this is all over?
  5. What's the matter with Bob Costas' eye?

Continuing (Co-) Ed

Well, well, well...all of a sudden it isn't necessary for old folks to use lame online dating services, trolling at the mall, or making goo-goo eyes in church to land a hot date.MathPropositionWpC Fogies have re-discovered a tried-and-true hunting ground for eligible hotties--school!

It's true. As more and more greyhairs return to campus to continue their education, they are finding a gold mine of ready-to-rock partners to spice it up in study hall. As a result, G.P.A.s are on the rise (among other things).

So get on out there, old boys and girls, and do some learning...and attend a class or two while you're at it.


Are You Talkin' To ME?


The will to power is a very strange thing. Most people do not desire power. Empowerment, yes; power, no. Thus, we are bound to be followers.

And so, we may be blessed or we may be cursed, history forever the final judge.


Third Party

3rdParty_WpCWoe is we for the choices we have this election year!

Vote Fogies in 2016!!




Xenophobia and Other Patriotic Values

MexAlphabetSoup_WpCWho among us is not greatly confused about what to do and how to feel about immigration? It seems legitimate points of view about the issue can be made across the entire political spectrum. Where is the true truth? It seems that the World Wide Web has brought us closer and has driven us farther apart at the same time.

Here are a few divergent thoughts about the issue:





(N)oh, Canada!

CanadaWall_WpCWhen will politicians get that "wall thang" right?

When a Fogey runs for office!


Inside the Beltway

Beltway_WpCAll you candidates, all you pundits - STOP judging candidates on their physical appearance! It's the Kardashianization of presidential politics.


Politics As Usual

FailingCampaign_WpCOur fogey candidate certainly isn't afraid to poach good ideas!


The Founding (Grand)Fathers

Taxation_WpCThe old boys of 1776 saw what was happening then.

The old boys of 2016 see what's happening now.

And we don't give a damn about time or tense agreement when we're getting our point across.

"In With The Old, To Hell With The New" - elect a Fogey in 2016!