Xenophobia and Other Patriotic Values

MexAlphabetSoup_WpCWho among us is not greatly confused about what to do and how to feel about immigration? It seems legitimate points of view about the issue can be made across the entire political spectrum. Where is the true truth? It seems that the World Wide Web has brought us closer and has driven us farther apart at the same time.

Here are a few divergent thoughts about the issue:





Let's Get Ready For Some Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy!

FootballConcussionAnother big game tonight!

Frenzied fans and marginally-knowledgeable hangers-on alike will flock to bars that have more wide-screen monitors than the old NASA complex in Houston to see the action. Millions more will tune in at home.

America's fetish with football is alive and well!

But are the athletes who have played the game or are playing it now alive and well? Qualitative and quantitative data both support the resounding answer that football fans do not want to hear: NO!!!!

Learn some facts about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Go see the film "Concussion". Then see how well that cold beer goes down the next time you toast a "big hit" during the game. And, if the medical facts don't phase you, try substituting violent head-butting for "high-fiving" or "fist-smashing" whenever your team does something exciting tonight. See how that makes you feel. Might as well share in the same fun as the gladiators who are providing your entertainment!

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Resting B#@tch Face

ColdRainyNightWebEvery once in a while, digital humanity comes up with an extremely funny dumbass idea and promulgates it and propagates it and makes it rise to an overwhelming level of popularity because people immediately recognize its stupidity and hilarity.

To wit: the "Resting B#@tch Face" phenomenon.

Old folks are perennial victims of social isolation and discrimination because they tend to have a resting b#@tch face as an inherent consequence of aging. Or as an inherent consequence of straddling the 20th and 21st centuries. But that's a serious topic for another time.

Nearly everyone has resting b#@tch face if they get into trouble. To wit: Richard Nixon or Beaver Cleaver or Mel Gibson.

But the real boondoggle in the resting b#@tch face game is when a glamorous celebrity is caught unawares in the resting b#@tch face zone.

Last time we went to get haircuts we had to wait a while for service. To pass the time, we played resting b#@tch face while thumbing through the celebrity photos in "Star" magazine. Now that's a good time!

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Do No Harm

Necro_WpCAnother brave fogey takes one for the team in our tireless fight against imprisonment of those convicted of victimless crimes. But, hey, who said social justice advocacy would be easy?

Meanwhile, older folks are overtly victimized in large numbers and perps often go unpunished.

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Erectile Dysfunction

CialisLet’s face it, fans, nobody likes softies (with the exception of that great ice cream truck classic, “Mr. Softee”).

In this classic toon, the Fogies grope with the issue of erectile dysfunction with little success, and end up with more questions than answers.

Such as:

Was erectile dysfunction a problem before the drug companies began to develop and sell medications to treat the disorder?

Or, did erectile dysfunction suddenly become a problem after the drugs were created and went to market?

Those are some hard questions, aren't they?

In any case, seems like a lot of old boys have the problem these days. And the Fogies are here to help! Read more about it at:




Bang Bang

NoAK47s_WpCHow about ensuring the right to arm bears? That would switch things around.

People seem to have plenty of guns and other weapons at their disposal.



Prescription for Trouble

WritePrescriptions_WpCEver been to the 24-hour pharmacy late at night? No? Well, if you happen to go, be prepared for a long line. More Americans are using prescription drugs than at any time in history. And more Americans are hooked.

While the seemingly endless “War On Drugs” has raged for decades, a war primarily focused on illegal, recreational “street drugs”, legal drugs have surreptitiously come onto the scene to wreak as much sorrow and tragedy as any street drug ever has.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to dependency on prescription pain killers, anti-anxiety medications, and anti-depression drugs. The problem is widespread, and it is important for all of us to take it seriously.  Chances are you know someone who has a problem, or who has confronted an addiction and has overcome it with the help of compassionate, competent professionals.

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Back in the Saddle Again!

AbsenceMakes_WpCSorry, Fogies Fans, we've been indisposed for a few weeks and haven't been posting. Blame it on the holidays or, better yet, blame it on old age (yours, not ours).

In any event, we're back with a vengeance, because we really do hold grudges. We're ready to continue our battles with technology, other people, and ourselves as the Digital Age marches on and ruins our lives.

So, keep coming back for toons and rants and reviews, lists and recommendations. And don't forget Campaign 2016 and The Fogies' run for the White House. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT AND...


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Summertime Rolls

TanDon'tBurn_WpcSummer may be gone, but climate change is helping with our post-partum depression.

All those hours spent spraying aerosol cans at the ozone hole are finally starting to pay off!

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