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SoapboxSmilingWpCThe Fogies have a YouTube Halloween extravaganza for you! Just put in these key words and have a bloody good time:

1. Hellholes Episodes 1-4

2. Modern Monster Mash - Key of Awesome

3. Ouija Board Gone Wrong at Halloween (mellowbird)

4. Skypemare

5. The Shadow of the Undertaker


Beware of Darkness

TimeIsRelative_WpCDaylight Saving Time ends on November 1.


If you’re a fogey, this will get you an extra hour to get nothing done.  But if you’re still hung up on “productivity” and “contributing to society”, chances are you’ll burn up that extra hour, and then some.  And what will be your big reward?


Well, maybe it’s not that as bad as that, but it sure will get pitch-freaking-dark early….

Studies show that screwing around with the time comes at some cost.

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Work, Work, Work!!

RetireHome_WpC...so said the mayor in "Blazing Saddles". And too bad for him - he looked to be something of a fogey, and there he was, slaving away in his office....

What with the Social Security Administration's exciting announcement of a 1.7% cost-of-living adjustment for beneficiaries in 2015, who isn't weighing the work vs. retirement question?



Millennial_WpCRemember the "generation gap"? Remember "Don't trust anyone over 30?" This was the mantra of the baby boom generation.

And for good reason - the older generation liked Richard Nixon and "Dragnet". They polluted the earth and watched "The Lawrence Welk Show". They made us eat baloney sandwiches.

Somehow, we got through all that.

But we have a new struggle on our hands. It's another generation gap, but this time it works in reverse. Now, it's "Don't trust anyone under 50."


Cuz those peeps are unpredictable as hell! They are feral, narcissistic, ungrounded, materialistic, and jingoistic. They are our kids and grandkids.

So, be sure to reject them whenever they help you out with your yardwork or your bills or your dumbass not tech-savvy problems with devices and apps. Be sure to tell them twerking  and selfies are dumb while you listen to your scratchy vinyl Alice Cooper LPs.


“Shadow of the Vampire"

SoapboxSmilingWpCWanna watch a boss vampire movie? Wanna watch a boss vampire-movie-within-a-vampire movie? We've got you covered!

"Shadow of the Vampire" (2000) ranks among the most interesting, well-produced, well-acted, and gruesomely-crafted vampire movies ever. We dare not tell you much about the plot, or the characters, or the setting. Better skip the commentary about the atmosphere, also. The Fogies may be a little spoiled, but we aren't spoilers.

Let's just say this: Willem Defoe received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor; Ann Buchanan and Amber Sibley received an Oscar nomination for Best Makeup. Not too many horror flicks float around in such rarefied atmosphere. And the Fogies thought the film could easily have commanded nominations in other categories.

Get yourself a nice, tall Bloody Mary, and maybe a chunk of moldy cheese. Wear a turtleneck. Set the "language" setting for German, with English sub-titles.

NO lights, camera, action!!


We Need to Stop Meating Like This

TestTubeMeatA_WpCRemember "Space Food Sticks"? They were a popular confection several decades ago, marketed as a healthy snack similar to whatever it was the astronauts were eating once they cleared the stratosphere. Add a couple slices of "Wonder Bread" toast and an ice-cold glass of "Tang" and you had a complete, yet UNsatisfying, meal.

Today, meat produced in the laboratory is looming on the new foods horizon. Yum-yum! We'll have some for lunch with some of that plastic-infested bread from Subway and a few of those recently re-tooled "Twinkies" for dessert.

Sure, the notion of “fake food” has been around for a while. But is it viable? Is it safe?

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Romance is in the Air

NoGraveyard_WpCWho says Halloween isn't romantic?