Be Resolute

Resolution2015_WpCIt's gonna be another tough year. Don't kid yourself with any other idea.

Worst thing is...things will CHANGE.

Fogies hate change. Fogies like routine.

Most fogies follow a strictly prescribed daily schedule customized to their particular preferences.

Disruptions to routine and schedule--erratic bedtimes, skipped meals, missed programs, irregular bowel movements, world news, moved furniture, adjustable lighting, exotic flavors, changed sheets, replacement refs, second spouses, new doctors--these terrible burdens of change we all sadly share.

Make the best of it....

Happy New Year from your old friends, The Fogies!


The Hangover, Part 4

CarolingKaroake_WpCAs the Grinch might say, "At last, an end to all that SINGING, SINGING, SINGING!!!"


Laughs Without Borders

CFLbulbs_WpCHere's a little something for our Canadian fans!

Oh, Canada, a fabulous font of funnieness....some of the very best are from North North America.



GiftCard_WpCOnly 8 more shopping hours until Christmas!


Naughty, Naughty

NaughtyList_WpCNorth Korea ain't got nuthin' on the Fogies!


She's (Not) a Real Doll

Too many choices in Santa's vast workshop this year?

The Fogies feel your pain!PaperPlastic_WpC


Who Let the Dogs Out?

Heel! Down! Stay...stay...stay....
Stay calm. You are about to hear something that just might make your fur stand up: until last night, the Fogies had never seen the classic film, "Old Yeller".
When we learned it was about a dog that had to be put down because it contracted rabies, we just had to see the flick as a double-feature with the contemporary cult horror flick, "Cujo". Two rabid dogs on one night...why, it was like watching a debate in Congress!!
SoapboxSmilingWpCWhat a genius Stephen King turns out to be! "Cujo" is the perfect dark sequel to "Old Yeller". It raises a fundamental question: Is Cujo another pathetic victim, a poor sick cur with an unfortunate lust for biting people? Or is Cujo a mindless force of terror that can't be eliminated soon enough?
Hmmm....something to ponder in these volatile times: is compassion a strength or a dangerous weakness?
One thing's for sure: Mr. King deserves a little tummy-rub...or maybe a sharp needle in the gut...just to be on the safe side.

Healthy Diet

HealthyDiet1WpCC'mon, admit it. You watched "Lunch with Soupy" when you were a kid. Soupy Sales in his clubhouse with a spare, but healthy, luncheon menu in hand. He was Pee Wee Herman the First (only he kept his pants on). Besides being entertaining and enthusiastic, Soupy consistently admonished kids to eat decent food (except for the Jello desserts, perhaps, but then you have to keep your sponsors happy...). Soupy ate what he preached, right before our eyes, and we followed his lead, bite-for-bite. Don't we need a new Soupy-style icon in the 21st century? One who appeals to fogies? How about an aging star from the new food TV empire, someone soothing who will sit with us and and share an age-appropriate healthy meal?

How about Semi-Homemade Sandra? She looks like she may be getting up there...into her 40's....



XmasSpiritWebCIn "A Christmas Carol", old Scrooge was a mean-spirited miser. He had money, but didn't want to share it.

Nowadays, old fogies with limited funds play the Scrooge because they can't afford to buy gifts or have holiday feasts. Some have trouble keeping the heat on.

It's enough to scare the Dickens out of you.



Twist My Arm

EIT_WpCPeople don't do things over and over again unless they produce the results they desire. Why, then, in the case of torture, if the information sought by means of suffering is not successfully gathered, does the torture continue? Could it be that watching the victim suffer becomes an end in and of itself?