Who Let the Dogs Out?

Heel! Down! Stay...stay...stay....
Stay calm. You are about to hear something that just might make your fur stand up: until last night, the Fogies had never seen the classic film, "Old Yeller".
When we learned it was about a dog that had to be put down because it contracted rabies, we just had to see the flick as a double-feature with the contemporary cult horror flick, "Cujo". Two rabid dogs on one night...why, it was like watching a debate in Congress!!
SoapboxSmilingWpCWhat a genius Stephen King turns out to be! "Cujo" is the perfect dark sequel to "Old Yeller". It raises a fundamental question: Is Cujo another pathetic victim, a poor sick cur with an unfortunate lust for biting people? Or is Cujo a mindless force of terror that can't be eliminated soon enough?
Hmmm....something to ponder in these volatile times: is compassion a strength or a dangerous weakness?
One thing's for sure: Mr. King deserves a little tummy-rub...or maybe a sharp needle in the gut...just to be on the safe side.