Gimme Shelter

Once upon a time, when we were young, we enjoyed attending rock concerts. Indoors or out, it was a veritable lovefest. We sat on blankets in the sun or crowded into smoky arenas to listen to our favorite bands. We watched the performers and listened to their songs, and when the songs ended, we roared our approval. We were not the show, the artists were.

Try attending a concert these days. Be prepared for rudeness, obstructed views, and a crush of narcissistic morons who care more about documenting  their attendance than actually attending. Be prepared to not see who you came to see and not hear who you came to hear.

Unless, of course, you watch the show on wide screens from the back of the venue—that would be the Fogies section.




What Goes Around Comes Around

DisabilityIns_WpCWhen the Fogies were strapping young men, they played in a city softball league.

They played against factory workers, truck drivers, firemen, ex-jocks. Guys that wore actual softball uniforms.

They knew how to play ball.

The Fogies kinda knew how to play ball.

The Fogies' uniforms? Cheap blue t-shirts with the universal symbol of disability printed on the front.



Washed Up

Levi's_WpCAt last, some sensible advice for the common man...from corporate America!



JeSuisCharlie_WpCThe Fogies have, by design, avoided a lot of political content in their comics and commentary. We just like to make observations about aging and the 21st century culture that dims our setting sun.

But guess what? When lunatics make judgments about what is funny or "acceptable" in creative work, then anything and everything becomes political. And you best be on their side when the judgments come down.

So, this is political, whether we like it or not.

R.I.P., brave colleagues.




Listen to Your Body

Hypochondriac_WpCHave you been ignoring that little spot on your arm?

Just talking through those nagging coughing spells?

Masking the pain in your stomach with a few shots of Pepto-Dismal?

Do you talk around the topic of your health, find ways to be indirect or unclear or downright inaccurate when your friends or loved ones or medical professionals ask questions about how you are feeling?

Well, join the crowd...

But now's the time to be up-front about your health. Report that problem, make a doctor's appointment. Take care of yourself--Fogies' orders!


Cavitieat Emptor

DentalFloss_WpCOh, you can keep up with those regular appointments if you feel compelled. And be sure to buy the latest products and technology to maintain the highest standards of oral hygiene. But don't come running to us when those choppers start falling out....


Grumpy Old Men...er...Cat

GrumpyCat_WpC (2)Has anyone ever suggested, "There's something wrong with this world...."?

The Fogies dare say so!


See How Things Change!

SoapboxStinksWpCTop 10 People/Places/Things That Annoyed The Fogies in 2013

  1. Instant replay
  2. High prices at the Dollar Store
  3. Weather
  4. People who use guns on other people
  5. Personal greed
  6. Corporate greed
  7. Government agencies
  8. People who complain about government agencies
  9. Geezers and Coots
  10. Youth culture

Top 10 People/Places/Things That Annoyed The Fogies in 2014

  1. The Latest Study
  2. Youth culture
  3. Concrete and asphalt
  4. Freedom of expression
  5. Betty White
  6. Canada
  7. The neighbor's Halogen floodlight that shines directly into our living room every night
  8. Anti-social media
  9. Our noses
  10. Cable TV