Weather or Not

SoapboxStinksWpCHere's a prediction:

Not much more time will pass before a coalition between business and government forms to sue the weather industry for failure to provide reliable forecasts.

Think about it. How much $ is made by the national and local weather industry? It has to be right behind sports as a media cash cow. And how much $ is lost in public funds and business revenue when weather predictions are wrong, one way or the other? So, while The Weather Channel stars and all the cable and local TV weather geeks are creating a cult of personality for themselves while raking in big bucks for their parent companies - naming storms, hyping or downplaying their potential, misrepresenting and embellishing their impact - politicians, business owners, and taxpayers get screwed - profits are lost, resources wasted, careers derailed. And, not to forget the most important issue - people suffer and sometimes even die.

We're not suggesting that people in the weather industry are willfully malicious. All we're saying is those forecasters that apologized for their lame-brained prediction of the big nor'easter this week, and their bosses, are laughing all the way to the bank.