Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

TheCloud_WpCY'all are really trusting if you think the media you have stored in "the cloud" will always be there for you.

Just sayin'.



Cheeseburger Pizza (and Other Atrocities)

SoapboxStinksWpCWe just can't get behind some of the food combos that are in vogue these days. Why, we've been known to actually create separate fiefdoms for each kind of food on our plates - mashed potato mountain is kept on the side, an island of meat stands far apart from the stack 'o carrots which rises like a fortress across the way.

Righteous segregation!

And, of course, we heart cafeteria trays with their little compartmentalized wells....

So, what's with the popularity of these ghastly melds, mish-mashes like the ones our grandkids created before they reached the Age of Reason?

Raspberry and honey-infused beer?

Basil ice cream?

Jalapeno meatloaf?

C'mon, now!

Gotta blame the proliferation of foodie shows and their desperate effort to devise unique challenges for their desperate contestants. Often, the "innovative dishes" they create appear to be inedible. And, they very well may be! Gullible viewers CAN'T TASTE THEM. They trust "experts" to give the concoctions a thumbs up or thumbs down.

C'mon, now! "Experts" in taste?!

We thought taste was a matter of taste.


Hey, What Do You Want To Watch Tonight?

WiredIn_WpCParanoia strikes deep...especially if you are a senior trying to cope with the ever-evolving landscape of technology development, and worse, the increasing number and diversity of hazards related to technology.

Isn't it bad enough we can barely keep up with changes to mobile phones and computers and e-commerce without also encountering problems with e-fraud and hackers and drones? Every time experts debate whether Artificial Intelligence will eventually overtake human intelligence, we say, "Just look around, check out day-to-day life in the 21st century - don't you think that horse is already out of the barn?"

Here's a new one - your new smart TV can be programmed to watch YOU!

Check out this article while you sip on that second cup of coffee (that your programmable coffee maker brewed for you while you were sleeping) -



Finding Our Religion

Lent_WpCYeah, there is more than one way to skin a cat....


(N)Oh, Canada!

SoapboxStinksWpCWhat's with all the talk about putting up a wall between the U.S. and Mexico? Good grief, Mexican art and culture is rich and diverse, most people of Mexico are warm and funny and of strong character, Mexican food is fabulous, the landscape is beautiful, and the climate is generally favorable.

Meanwhile, EVERY WEEK another mass of Arctic air comes down from Canada and rushes all the way to the Mexican border, wreaking havoc on the weather in the USA. Snow, wind, frigid temperatures, travel hazards and delays, every class of winter illness. We need a wall, all right - a 35,000' high wall across the entire Canadian border!!

Of course, comedians, hockey players, and beer trucks would still be more than welcome to come on down....



Yolo_WpCLife is a cabaret, old chums!


...and the winner is....

SoapboxStinksWpCAwards for this, awards for that, awards for the other thing. We are now officially suffering from Award Show (Fatigue) Syndrome - "A.S.S. Fatigue". And it comes to a head this Sunday with the Academy Awards.

Oh, sure, there are plenty of outstanding actors in the Oscar nominations queue. Like you, we'll be watching to see who wins. But let's not overlook other notable fake-ass performances that won't be recognized at this weekend's ceremony:

10. Tiger Woods: Two words - "steriods sunset". Put simply, Samson got a haircut.

9. Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the Ball Boy: Pretty Boys Make Graves (for their fall guys).

8. Lance Armstrong: That CAN'T be his real name.

7. Target Department Stores: Today's Special - One for the price of four! And be sure to charge it!

6. The Vatican Treasury: Hundreds of millions of Euros found "tucked away"....hmm, better launder those blousy vestments a little more often.

5. Vlad Putin: Just look in his eyes if you don't believe us.

4. Social media: Isn't more like "anti-social" media when it's used to recruit assassins, haze personal enemies, and promote the reform of Justin Bieber?

3. Justin Bieber: He is who he is, and that's not him.

2. Betty White: She can't be a day over 70!

1. Jim Cantore: We can tell fake thunder AND fake orgasms when we hear them.



Language as a Second Language

MexAlphabetSoup_WpCHey, how's about let's talk to people, learnĀ to talk with them, if necessary, so we have a better understanding of each other.

Everyone seems to be pretty good at talkingĀ about other people.

Knock it off!





Happy Presidents Day!

Mondale_WpCYou know what they say: "The happiest Presidents are the ones who weren't elected."

Well, actually, we've never heard that said.



Shady Business





Happy Valentine's Day!