A Truly Sticky Situation

Shingles1_WpCHere's a tortured analogy (which also happens to be both a tortured pun AND bad grammar):

The Twenty-First Century is the Pit, Absurdity is the Pendulum, and We Older People are the Neck.

What the hell are we talking about?

Vaccinations, of course!

For even as we fogies are advised to increase OUR uptake of new vaccinations, such as pneumonia and shingles vaccines (read: we're the first generation who's getting stuck with them...another tortured pun), a rogue fleet of marginally-rational individual rights zealots, suspicious of Institutions and convinced of the Veracity of the Internet (cuz a lot of cool "Friends" post there) are not getting vaccinations for THEIR children. These inoculations have been clearly shown to be effective with VERY FEW bad side effects. Thus, the vast majority of the populace is exposed to diseases thought to be eradicated (including us fogies who are simultaneously being guinea-pigged with experimental treatments), while a few people enjoy righteous and grossly misdirected peace of mind. Viva la populist opinion!

Darwin must be laying still as a rock in his grave.


Hear Us Out

EarHair_WpCWell, this IS better than total hearing loss.....


Educational Programming

SmartTV_WpCIf only it was true....


Memories (or not)

Epiphany_WpCAs Peter Gabriel once sang:

I don't remember/I can't recall/I have no memory of anything at all....

​Try to remember that the fogies in your life may be dealing with memory issues.

If you don't remember that they may not remember, something important may be forgotten.


Play Ball!

FantasyBaseball2_WpCA cold front is approaching Purgatory and is expected to reach Hell by October....