“Life After Life”

SoapboxStinksWpCAt the risk of repeating ourselves, “Life After Life” by Kate Atkinson (#4 on Amazon’s Top 100 fiction titles in 2013) is contrived and false and “Life After Life” is false and contrived.

If you liked reading that crappy sentence, you’ll like reading “Life After Life”.

“Life After Life” repeats itself over and over again. And again. The main character is born, he dies, he's born again, he dies, he's born again, he dies, he's born again, he dies.

If you liked that plot synopsis, you’ll like “Life After Life”.

​Is Kate Atkinson a good writer? Certainly. But Kate may be just a little bit lazy, what with her reliance on endless repetition of action and theme. Why, if a filmmaker were ever to produce a film that relies on the same contrivance as “Life After Life”, s/he would be….

Huh? What’s that you say? They probably WILL make a successful movie version of “Life After Life”? They might call it “Groundhog Day 2" and "Groundhog Day Two"?

Well, if that happens, we’ll have to ask our old pal, Bill Murray, to get the dynamite out of storage and blow that annoying little rodent clear up into the sky.


Shopping Spree

TaxReturn_WpCBig $, big acquisitions!

This is one lucky fogey, for sure. But is he investing his tax return wisely?

Check out these links for some sage advice from experts:




Communication Breakdown

DoubleTalk_WpCLet's stop talking to each other and stick with Web-based posts!

Obviously, social media posts and other modes of electronic communication are helping us get along so much better....



LibraryPissedA_WpCThe local library, closed for renovations for the past month, re-opened yesterday.

We expected to maybe see new carpeting, a fresh coat of paint, nicer bathrooms. Perhaps improved acoustics to muffle the sound of screaming children running uncontrolled or the booming voices of the library staff who yell questions and answers across the room all day long.

But what did we get? Many fewer books, more meeting rooms, and several dozen computers and work stations. Oh, and an exciting self-service checkout process so the chatty librarians don't actually have to do any work while they are there.

What a letdown! We thought a trip to the bookstore might make up for the galling experience at the library...but then we remembered: the bookstore closed down in January.

Check out this link, fellow book lovers -




ComputerSleep_WpCWould you like to let everyone know how much you hate technology? Now you can!

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Pile It On!

MegaTasking_WpCWe hope you're always doing several other things while you read "The Fogies".

Why concentrate on anything so ridiculous?


Spell Check



Second Helpings

Glutton-Free_WpCIf we hear about one more "study" about diet and weight loss, we're gonna scream.

Just eat a balanced diet and don't eat too much!

And then just be who you are.


Why Can't You Keep Up?

AppInterfaceChange_WpCThe stress brought about by the endless parade of new tech developments and never-ending programmatic changes in the modern world is a well-documented phenomenon.

The negative affect of this crap just has to be exponentially worse for fogies who have worked the better part of their lives to find stability and security, to achieve some sense of control for the few short years they have left on this earth.

Thanks for this great end-of-life treat, Geeks!