Flippin' Out

FlipPhone_WpCThere's a good likelihood those messages aren't too important (or too smart)....


A Not Crappy Idea

Depends_WpCThe Fogies are becoming increasingly more political in their old age.

Guess that's because they have nothing better to do....


Campaign 2016: The Trump Card

SoapboxStinksWpCWe have to admit, we had absolutely no interest in "The Apprentice" when it enjoyed a very popular run on television a few years ago. Who wants to watch a blowhard working hard to get other blowhards to work hard for him? Well, apparently, millions of people.

And now, he's at it again! Only on this show he's the only member of the cast and the ratings are even higher.

Sure, Ronald put Bonzo to bed, Sonny split from Cher, Gopher abandoned ship, and Arnold terminated his robotic acting career - all to serve a new constituency. But Donald Trump's bid for the Presidency may be the most interesting star-turned-politician story of our time. Because Trump was a REALITY star, not an actor, right?

Or maybe not right. Because now it looks like we're willing to check reality at the door, doesn't it?

The Fogies may just need to do something about this. Stay tuned for a big announcement in the days ahead....


Oh, Hell No!

SharkSurround_WpC...and here we were thinking the release of "Sharknado 3" was causing all the fuss!


Pop Kulture

Supercilious_WpCWell, actually, The Beebs has apparently crossed the bridge to maturity and is letting Ariana Grande and other up-and-coming dipshits carry the mantle for a while. But we think you get the point....


Summer Lacklusters of 2015, Part Deux

SoapboxSmilingWpCWe've hit the mid-point of the summer movie season and we have some random thoughts and questions to share. Be sure to share your own comments with everyone!

1. Amazing. Check out the titles of recently-released movies that easily could have been used for the new "Magic Mike" flick: "A Poem is a Naked Person", "Fresh Dressed", "Soul Boys of the Western World", "Do I Sound Gay?", "Adult Beginners", "What We Did On Our Holiday", "Ardor", "Skin Trade", "Hot Pursuit", "United Passions", and last, but not least, "Balls Out". Just go to one of these if your "Magic Mike" showing is sold out.

2. How dare they degrade everyone's cherished memories of "National Lampoon's Vacation" by releasing the new sequel, "Vacation"? The flick clearly appears to be a pure p.o.c. with ripped off themes and twisted scenes from the original. Patrons at bars throughout America should boo the trailer whenever it comes on the set. And no one should buy a ticket.

3. "Baahubali". Really? Who's going to try to say this when they walk up to the ticket counter?

4. Why didn't we have an election to determine if Arnold should have starred in "Terminator Genisys" or not? Seems we'd have been happier with a different robotic lead man.

5. "Amy". Sad. Another artist/narcissist runs off the tracks while everyone stands by and watches it happen.


Plutonic Love

PlutoIsPlanet_WpCDo you remember that test you failed in 3rd grade, the one when you forgot to list Pluto among the planets of our Solar System? You lived with that failure for years, and from that day forward you never, ever forgot about the planet Pluto.

Fast forward. A few years ago scientists proclaimed that Pluto is, in fact, NOT a planet. Do you remember how shocked (and pissed off) you were when that one dropped?

Now, all of sudden, everyone is all about Pluto, "the dwarf planet", once again. No one can decide if it's a bona fide planet or not. Does anyone really care?

All we want to know is this: Who is going to go back and correct that test grade, the one that derailed your confidence in learning science, the one that cost you that future scholarship to Cal Tech? What genius is going to fix THAT?

Read more about it:






Unselfie_Wp.CWish we could dump most of the selfies that have ever been shot into the Great Darkroom in the Sky....



Untethered_WpCSad fact of the matter - it may be easier to get a divorce these days than to get your devices to work wirelessly without problems....


Wearing Our Emotions on Our Sleeves

SoapboxSmilingWpCHere's an unqualified positive recommendation for all you summer moviegoers - check out "Inside/Out".

Without question, this is one of the most well-conceived and cleverly-executed animated films of all time. And the voice-overs are just spectacular, especially the one performed by one of our favs, comedian and social commentator, Lewis Black.

Leave your problems at home, find them on the big screen, and then see them happily resolved...just the way you have always wanted it to be!