Summertime Rolls

TanDon'tBurn_WpcSummer may be gone, but climate change is helping with our post-partum depression.

All those hours spent spraying aerosol cans at the ozone hole are finally starting to pay off!

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Need a New Age Miracle

WineTasting_WpCAnybody know a guy who can come out to California and turn all this wine into water?


It's a Miracle!

PapalVisit2015_WpCYou know what would be truly extraordinary, perhaps even miraculous, during Pope Francis' visit to the USA?

What if the Pontiff, while having lunch at a soup kitchen with all the poor folk, would pull out the old Vatican checkbook and write a check to each person for a million dollars and say, "Go now, and serve the Lord!"?

An outrageous notion, you say?

Well, hell's bells, Regis Philbin and a subsequent cast of a thousand new hosts have given contestants a chance at a million bills on every episode of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" just for being GOOD GUESSERS!

Countless other game shows throw $ at people every single day simply because they've been selected to play mostly mindless games for big cash prizes. That's called "capitalism".

What if the Pope would say, "Who wants to be a millionaire?" to most any of the economically and otherwise disadvantaged people in his flock? They would say "ME!!!!" before anyone in the media had another chance to say what a "People's Pope" Francis is.

And the Vatican Bank would hardly notice a ripple on its balance sheet.

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MultiTaskRed_WpCWe can't be good at everything!


Balanced Diet

EquilibriumStrip_WpCThe old boys offer an excellent countermand to the endless "news" reports of study results and "effective" new diet fads that contradict each other at every turn.


Rebate That Debate!


Woops, sorry, still trying to sleep off that clunker of a debate last night.

In fact, we were dreaming about the debate that never was....

Like when Carly (Simonized) swooned and The Donald gallantly rushed forward and administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Like when Rand Paul exploded. Literally.

Like when Chris Christie blew the President a kiss and gave him the "call me" sign.

Like when the set collapsed under the weight of all the candidates. It stood to reason such a catastrophe would happen. In fairness, however, the organizers were heard to declaim, "Who would have known that hot air weighed so much!".

Save yourselves! Save everyone! Vote "Fogies" in 2016!!



Agree To Disagree

WordsMouth_WpCAre we really willing to entrust the security of millions and millions of people to one of the front-runners on the debate stage of the Republican Party tonight?

Apparently, the answer is "yes", as we were willing to extend the same trust to Sarah Palin the last go-around. Sure, she wasn't the nominee for President, but she was one heartbeat away from it. And like Trump and Carson, she had no clue about what's really going on in the world (but unlike Trump and Carson, she didn't have Brain One).

But, what the hey, let's watch tonight and enjoy the rap - it's all harmless fun at this point in time.

We DO have a recommendation for a future debate, though. How about a "Twitterbate", a hashtagfest of barbs and quips exchanged by the moderators and candidates? All questions and answers short and sweet. And let EVERYONE tweet in at some point in the proceedings (everyone, but Bill Shatner, that is...he wouldn't let anyone get a word in edgewise!).

Now, that's democracy, and we wouldn't be forced to look at anybody's stupid FACE!!!


If you're curious about famous debates in American history, you might want to check out this link:



Beauty and Wisdom

DuhBrains_WpCDon't scoff...it would have been even more difficult to depict brawn.



Niece_WpCWelcome back to school all you ambitious student-types!



No News Is Good News

CableNewsCable news….good? bad? or ugly?

Let’s go with “ugly”.

Whenever political opinion creeps into broadcasts that are characterized as “news”, there’s a problem.  And we all know that this has been happening here in the U.S. of A. for a while now.

The first cable news machine that began to function in this way came about as a backlash against network news that was perceived as having too much political opinion mixed into its broadcasts. And subsequent cable news operations came about as a backlash against the backlash. Now, the Fogies dare to backlash against them all!

For a thought-provoking article about uses and dangers of propaganda throughout history, check out:


As for death metal….good? bad? or ugly?

Let’s go with “ugly”….artists and fans alike will take that as a compliment!