Steppin' Out at the Emmy Awards

EmmyAward2014Was it only two weeks ago that (after hours of fussing and p(r)imping), the Fogies hopped in the old jalopy and headed for the 67th Emmy Awards show. It just seemed like the perfect age-appropriate venue for us to attend.
As soon as we hit the Red Carpet loud chants rose up: "Flannel Is The New Linen!", "Sweats And T's, Please! Please! Please", and "Soap Is For Sissies!" (there was also a smattering of: "Get Them the Hell Out of Here!")
We were immediately buttonholed (quite a feat, since neither of us were wearing shirts with buttons) by one of the style-watchers who make a living gawking at the stars.
"Who are you wearing?" one of them asked us.
"Goodwill and Salvation Army," we replied.
A roar of approval from the throng!!!
We were such a sensation that we were permitted (with the assistance of several armed men in tuxedos) to quickly retrace our steps down the carpet. They escorted us all the way to the curb.
That was a night to remember!