“Fear the Walking Dead”

SoapboxSmilingWpC"Is that a hank of hair falling out of your head?"

"Do you always walk with a double-legged limp?"

"What's that goop in the corner of your eye?"

These and other similar questions are directed to fogies every day of the week. And now, we have another a top-flight television program that depicts characters such as these in action, folks who wander the streets and plains of America struggling to just get by.

At last, heroes we can identify with: people who battle skin problems, challenges to ambulation, difficulty being understood, and violent rejection by a well-armed reactionary populace.

Viva la Fogies!!

What? You say these aren't old folks? They're dead bodies, ravenous for human flesh? They're dangerous?

We don't buy it. We know our peers when we see 'em.