Bring Back the "Gong Show"

SoapboxStinksWpC“The Voice”, “American Idol”, “The X Factor”, “America’s Got Talent”, etc. etc. etc.

We just can't take it anymore. Every night on nearly every network people line up to hawk their talents in front of overwrought and under-dressed judges. Similar to the death panels envisioned by Sarah Palin, these capricious monsters variously taunt, praise, humiliate, and reward contestants for the amusement of millions of couch-potato viewers (such as us, the Fogies).

How is it that so much talent is available these days? Where has it been hiding all these years? Heck, when Chuck Barris and his panel of stoned-out-of-their-minds judges did the same shtick decades ago, no one on the stage had a whit of talent. Now, there are so many budding superstars we don't have enough time on the TV schedule to accommodate them.

There is, however, one big gap in the industry. As usual, all of the programs cater to youth and “youth culture”. Where is the venue for talented old folks to strut their stuff?

Fogies…marginalized, once again.

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