Hey, What Do You Want To Watch Tonight?

WiredIn_WpCParanoia strikes deep...especially if you are a senior trying to cope with the ever-evolving landscape of technology development, and worse, the increasing number and diversity of hazards related to technology.

Isn't it bad enough we can barely keep up with changes to mobile phones and computers and e-commerce without also encountering problems with e-fraud and hackers and drones? Every time experts debate whether Artificial Intelligence will eventually overtake human intelligence, we say, "Just look around, check out day-to-day life in the 21st century - don't you think that horse is already out of the barn?"

Here's a new one - your new smart TV can be programmed to watch YOU!

Check out this article while you sip on that second cup of coffee (that your programmable coffee maker brewed for you while you were sleeping) -


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