Cheeseburger Pizza (and Other Atrocities)

SoapboxStinksWpCWe just can't get behind some of the food combos that are in vogue these days. Why, we've been known to actually create separate fiefdoms for each kind of food on our plates - mashed potato mountain is kept on the side, an island of meat stands far apart from the stack 'o carrots which rises like a fortress across the way.

Righteous segregation!

And, of course, we heart cafeteria trays with their little compartmentalized wells....

So, what's with the popularity of these ghastly melds, mish-mashes like the ones our grandkids created before they reached the Age of Reason?

Raspberry and honey-infused beer?

Basil ice cream?

Jalapeno meatloaf?

C'mon, now!

Gotta blame the proliferation of foodie shows and their desperate effort to devise unique challenges for their desperate contestants. Often, the "innovative dishes" they create appear to be inedible. And, they very well may be! Gullible viewers CAN'T TASTE THEM. They trust "experts" to give the concoctions a thumbs up or thumbs down.

C'mon, now! "Experts" in taste?!

We thought taste was a matter of taste.

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