For Better or Worse

SoapboxSmilingWpCWe were recently talking about our life span to-date and how it has bridged two centuries - roughly half of the The Roaring 20th and 15% of TechnoTerrorTime.

Here is what we perceive as better or worse on a variety of blockbuster topics, and accordingly, which century has given us the best shake -

Better: Social Security   Worse: Anti-social insecurity   Winner: 20thC

Better: Grandkids  Worse: Pillsbury Grands   Winner: 21stC

Better: Weather Babes  Worse: The weather   Winner: 21stC

Better: Craft Beer  Worse: Craftiness   Winner: 21stC

Better: TV   Worse: The cost of TV    Winner: Tie

Better: Books   Worse: e-Readers   Winner: 20thC

Better: Perennials   Worse: Millennials   Worst Still: Generation Z    Winner: 20thC

Better: Tolerance  Worse: Intolerance   Winner:  NeitherC

Better: Fogies   Worse: Geezers   Worst Still: Coots   Winner: The Fogies

C'mon, Fogies fans, contribute to the list!! Click on "Comments" and offer your thoughts. Doesn't matter if you didn't live in the 20thC (or like most of us, don't quite remember it) - you have a perception, and perception is worth a thousand facts!

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