Pony (Up) Express

PostOfficeCuts_WpCEvery town has one: an Oriental rug store that MUST sell its entire inventory no later than next weekend because the establishment is going out of business. The weekend passes. The month passes. A couple years pass. The inventory liquidation sign becomes yellowed and faded. Unsold rugs are on display by the dozens in the shop window. The store never, ever closes down.

The United States Post Office has been running a similar scam for decades now. Reports of the demise of the operation have been greatly exaggerated time and time again. In the wake of the last panic about labor shortages, revenue shortfalls, and service reductions, we have seen the construction of a brand new postal facility, expansion of services, and numerous new hires in our neighborhood.

Well, good for them! We heart the Post Office. Just stop exaggerating your business problems - they're obviously not that bad. And stop stuffing all that crap into our mailboxes - we didn't ask for it and we don't give it a second look as we toss it into the recycling bin.

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