Globular (NOT)!

SoapboxStinksWpCYes, it's awards season again, a favorite time of the year for fogies who are desperately trying to survive the winter with something, anything to sustain them until springtime. Why not attend a parade of very unprivate dinner parties with the stars, beneath the glittering Niermann-Weeks chandeliers?

Fogies dig the awards scene: Fashion, Food, Fawning...all things lacking in fogey life. And oh, for just a glimpse of Betty White in Valentino...or Helen Mirren in nothing at all!

So, what about last night at the Golden Globes? BORING!!!! Didn't laugh out loud much. Groaned a few times. Did enjoy Tarrentino's speech on behalf of Morricone. But what was with all the censorship, resulting in complete drops in sound multiple times throughout the broadcast? We get it - they want to drive people to the Internet to get those tasty nibs (and attract more ad $). Fine. We LIVE on the Internet. But between the TV sound censorship and our hearing loss, we only heard about half of anything that was said. And half of that was stupid. Bad show.

We hold out hope for the forthcoming awards shows this season, but we're starting to wonder - are we getting too old for this?

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