...and the winner is....

SoapboxSmilingWpCWhew...the Academy Awards have finally come and gone! And The Fogies have something to say about it all.

As usual, we didn't see any of the films, what with the price of movie tickets and the inherent danger of even going into a movie theater in the 21st century. We also fell asleep well before the show was over last night. But that makes no difference. Nowadays, peeps are spewing opinions about everything under the sun without having the most minimal knowledge-base about the event or issue at-hand...witness Donald Trump and all his supporters (but that's a topic for another day).

First of all, we're totally fine with all the backlash against the Academy for its persistent white-bread orientation. As Chris Rock said, what's new about that? Burn down the mission!

As for the Red Carpet fashion parade, our eyes are still hurting. Most of those clothes would end up on the Goodwill bargain rack after failing to sell at the local consignment shop. What an obscene waste of money!

Last, but not least, what about the winners? Good for them. They all showed up for their jobs and they all worked hard at their craft. They may be elitists, but they aren't lazy.

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