Lenting Our Advice

Lent_WpCIf you are giving something up for Lent, take heart - you're in the homestretch! Soon you'll be able to (over-) indulge in whatever vice you set aside for 40 days and 40 nights. Congratulations on the success of your mission!

What's that you said? You aren't going to make it to the finish line? You already blew it?! No worries - simply penalize yourself by starting over on Easter Day. Determine to give up whatever you were supposed to give up during Lent, only this time double the length of your sentence.

What's that you said? How can you possibly make it for 80 days and 80 nights when you only made it to 11 the first go-around? Well, stop whining, and just make the commitment!

But don't worry - you WON'T reach your goal. You'll screw up after about 38 days this go-round. When that happens, start again, but triple the length of your sentence.

Simply rinse and repeat when you fail again.

Year-'round Lent - that's some good living!


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