Gold Rush

SeniorOlylmpics1_P1WebCThe Fogies are taking a break from one of their favorite Olympics activities to share some early observations and random thoughts/questions about the Summer Games:

  1. How does NBC manage to find so many apoplectic color commentators for this shindig? Their often-uncalled-for mania is as annoying as canned laughter tracks on bad sitcoms. Geesh, take a Xanex and relax!
  2. The Opening Ceremony theatrics were amazing! We could watch that again, no problem.
  3. If you haven't done so already, find a way to watch events other than NBC's tiresome "big events" coverage. You can actually focus on the competition rather than cult-of-personality story lines that are so important to the network's pre-planned programming agenda.
  4. If it wasn't obvious to you already, the Rio Games certainly highlight the problems with extreme "haves" and "have-nots" capitalism. What's the trickle-down plan for helping poor people in Rio when this is all over?
  5. What's the matter with Bob Costas' eye?

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