Used to Be's

SoapboxStinksWpCHow about some Fogies "Used To Be's" to get your new year off to a good start? Be sure to share your "Used To Be's" with all our Fogies fans - use the "Comments" link:
  1. Used to be you could go to Portland, Oregon and say to yourself, "Man, this place is really hip!" And you would be stating the truth. A culture so hip that it could easily spawn a popular sitcom. Turns out that was a good idea better left unspoken. For "Portlandia" is so self-consciously hip that it went from "quirky" to "dorky" after a handful of episodes. And worse, it has drawn a tidal wave of pseudo-hipsters into the real Portland, desperately seeking to find the "Portlandia" vibe. Natives take cover!
  2. Used to be you could go to the likker store or the beer barn and choose from any number of cases of decent, affordable, locally-brewed and bottled beers. We all know the big breweries destroyed that idyll, and we DO love the craft brews that are available today...but, man, old fogies like us can't afford to drink those snazzy suds.
  3. Used to be "nutritional information" was not published on food packages. Then, labeling was required. Then, labeling standards were changed. Now, labeling standards are changing again. And all the time, everyone has continued to eat potato chips.



Green With Jealousy

StPatDay2015_WpCEvery other country in the world wonders why a holiday venerating THEIR culture isn't celebrated here in the USA...and that is a good question!


Healthy Diet

HealthyDiet1WpCC'mon, admit it. You watched "Lunch with Soupy" when you were a kid. Soupy Sales in his clubhouse with a spare, but healthy, luncheon menu in hand. He was Pee Wee Herman the First (only he kept his pants on). Besides being entertaining and enthusiastic, Soupy consistently admonished kids to eat decent food (except for the Jello desserts, perhaps, but then you have to keep your sponsors happy...). Soupy ate what he preached, right before our eyes, and we followed his lead, bite-for-bite. Don't we need a new Soupy-style icon in the 21st century? One who appeals to fogies? How about an aging star from the new food TV empire, someone soothing who will sit with us and and share an age-appropriate healthy meal?

How about Semi-Homemade Sandra? She looks like she may be getting up there...into her 40's....