Let's Get Ready For Some Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy!

FootballConcussionAnother big game tonight!

Frenzied fans and marginally-knowledgeable hangers-on alike will flock to bars that have more wide-screen monitors than the old NASA complex in Houston to see the action. Millions more will tune in at home.

America's fetish with football is alive and well!

But are the athletes who have played the game or are playing it now alive and well? Qualitative and quantitative data both support the resounding answer that football fans do not want to hear: NO!!!!

Learn some facts about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Go see the film "Concussion". Then see how well that cold beer goes down the next time you toast a "big hit" during the game. And, if the medical facts don't phase you, try substituting violent head-butting for "high-fiving" or "fist-smashing" whenever your team does something exciting tonight. See how that makes you feel. Might as well share in the same fun as the gladiators who are providing your entertainment!

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