Losing Our Appetites

Foodie_WpCReally, how much longer can the tiresome trend of posting photos of food and drink on Facebook and Instagram continue?

We don't even like to go to restaurants that have food photos on their menus anymore!

Usually, we could care less what anyone is eating... and you notice no one is posting photos of their meals after they've made their final journey, are they now?

Funny how homogeneous our diet becomes when it's all been chewed and swallered....


Second Helpings

Glutton-Free_WpCIf we hear about one more "study" about diet and weight loss, we're gonna scream.

Just eat a balanced diet and don't eat too much!

And then just be who you are.


Up "Periscope"

ApForThat_WpCNot everything can be solved with technology, boys and girls.

But you could use the new Periscope app to chronicle every moment of your misery for all to enjoy in real-time.

Isn't modern life grand?


Cheeseburger Pizza (and Other Atrocities)

SoapboxStinksWpCWe just can't get behind some of the food combos that are in vogue these days. Why, we've been known to actually create separate fiefdoms for each kind of food on our plates - mashed potato mountain is kept on the side, an island of meat stands far apart from the stack 'o carrots which rises like a fortress across the way.

Righteous segregation!

And, of course, we heart cafeteria trays with their little compartmentalized wells....

So, what's with the popularity of these ghastly melds, mish-mashes like the ones our grandkids created before they reached the Age of Reason?

Raspberry and honey-infused beer?

Basil ice cream?

Jalapeno meatloaf?

C'mon, now!

Gotta blame the proliferation of foodie shows and their desperate effort to devise unique challenges for their desperate contestants. Often, the "innovative dishes" they create appear to be inedible. And, they very well may be! Gullible viewers CAN'T TASTE THEM. They trust "experts" to give the concoctions a thumbs up or thumbs down.

C'mon, now! "Experts" in taste?!

We thought taste was a matter of taste.


We're Living on Nuts and Berries

PaleoDiet_WpCRemember "Animals", that great (and bizarre) song by the Talking Heads?

Here's a sample:

They say they don't need money
You know animals are hairy?
They're living on nuts and berries
They say they don't need money
They're setting a bad example!

Well, it looks like the song inspired one of the latest diet fads, and now that diet fad is wreaking havoc on the population.

Here's an alternative notion:

Everything in moderation.