(Social Media) Suicide Is Simple

SuicideFacebook_WpCTime for your annual checkup - Are you obsessed with social media?

If so, take a break from everything...but "The Fogies"!!


Unfriending Facebook

Unfriending_WpCIt is reported that young people 13-17 years old are dropping their Facebook accounts faster than they can drop their last crush. Those y'utes want nothing to do with fogies who can spy their shit, and worse, fogies that clutter their News Feeds with the latest pics of the grand kids...who happen to be THEM!!!

Could we be entering a new Age of Enlightenment?

Don't count on it.

Facebook refugees are flocking to other social media options so they can continue to riff their narcissistic tendencies in greater privacy. We used to call it "going downstairs to the rec room".

Check out some these emerging trends in the social media chase here: