Prescription for Trouble

WritePrescriptions_WpCEver been to the 24-hour pharmacy late at night? No? Well, if you happen to go, be prepared for a long line. More Americans are using prescription drugs than at any time in history. And more Americans are hooked.

While the seemingly endless “War On Drugs” has raged for decades, a war primarily focused on illegal, recreational “street drugs”, legal drugs have surreptitiously come onto the scene to wreak as much sorrow and tragedy as any street drug ever has.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to dependency on prescription pain killers, anti-anxiety medications, and anti-depression drugs. The problem is widespread, and it is important for all of us to take it seriously.  Chances are you know someone who has a problem, or who has confronted an addiction and has overcome it with the help of compassionate, competent professionals.

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Senior Moments

SeniorMoments_WpCOh, yeah, you know who you are....


Up "Periscope"

ApForThat_WpCNot everything can be solved with technology, boys and girls.

But you could use the new Periscope app to chronicle every moment of your misery for all to enjoy in real-time.

Isn't modern life grand?


Involuntary Disco

Twerking_WpCSeems like seniors are dancing all the time these days.

Recreation programs at most senior centers "offer" dance as a social activity. Problem is, even if you haven't danced a step since your own or your kids' weddings many years ago, you are now expected to somehow enjoy dancing (with relative strangers) in the twilight of your life. Yeah, and pass the liver while you're at it....

And many of us spend time dancing more often than we sit still. But not because we want to. Tremors, tremblers, twerks, and tics keep us hopping day and night. Isn't disco fun?

What's worse? What COULD be worse? Go to the TV room on the same night "Dancing with the Stars" is airing. Just TRY to use the remote to channel surf while Bristol Palin is trying to survive her last pirouette. The heck with dancing - you better be able to RUN!


Hear Us Out

EarHair_WpCWell, this IS better than total hearing loss.....


Listen to Your Body

Hypochondriac_WpCHave you been ignoring that little spot on your arm?

Just talking through those nagging coughing spells?

Masking the pain in your stomach with a few shots of Pepto-Dismal?

Do you talk around the topic of your health, find ways to be indirect or unclear or downright inaccurate when your friends or loved ones or medical professionals ask questions about how you are feeling?

Well, join the crowd...

But now's the time to be up-front about your health. Report that problem, make a doctor's appointment. Take care of yourself--Fogies' orders!


Cavitieat Emptor

DentalFloss_WpCOh, you can keep up with those regular appointments if you feel compelled. And be sure to buy the latest products and technology to maintain the highest standards of oral hygiene. But don't come running to us when those choppers start falling out....