SoapboxSmilingWpCWe all do it. We rush the holidays.

And what better way to plunge into the spirit of the season than to watch programming about Christmas in other lands (such as how they celebrate Christmas in East St. Louis when you live in St. Louis and how they celebrate Christmas in St. Louis when you live in East St. Louis), how to find the perfect Christmas tree, where to party on New Year's Eve, and our favorite: who has the best extreme holiday light display?

Just the other night while sipping a bit of adulterated egg nog we were mesmerized by a competition involving four worthy competitors who had absolutely nothingĀ in common other than their holiday decorating fetish. Now, that'sĀ America!

We're going to break down and say it: we like the manic enthusiasm and idiot savantism of these holiday nuts. They are all about their craft 24/7/365.

Hell's Bells, we can't focus long enough to make ourselves a decent breakfast.


Independence Day

FourthOfJuly_WpCHave a blast this weekend, Fogies Fans!


Green With Jealousy

StPatDay2015_WpCEvery other country in the world wonders why a holiday venerating THEIR culture isn't celebrated here in the USA...and that is a good question!


She's (Not) a Real Doll

Too many choices in Santa's vast workshop this year?

The Fogies feel your pain!PaperPlastic_WpC