Continuing (Co-) Ed

Well, well, well...all of a sudden it isn't necessary for old folks to use lame online dating services, trolling at the mall, or making goo-goo eyes in church to land a hot date.MathPropositionWpC Fogies have re-discovered a tried-and-true hunting ground for eligible hotties--school!

It's true. As more and more greyhairs return to campus to continue their education, they are finding a gold mine of ready-to-rock partners to spice it up in study hall. As a result, G.P.A.s are on the rise (among other things).

So get on out there, old boys and girls, and do some learning...and attend a class or two while you're at it.


Erectile Dysfunction

CialisLet’s face it, fans, nobody likes softies (with the exception of that great ice cream truck classic, “Mr. Softee”).

In this classic toon, the Fogies grope with the issue of erectile dysfunction with little success, and end up with more questions than answers.

Such as:

Was erectile dysfunction a problem before the drug companies began to develop and sell medications to treat the disorder?

Or, did erectile dysfunction suddenly become a problem after the drugs were created and went to market?

Those are some hard questions, aren't they?

In any case, seems like a lot of old boys have the problem these days. And the Fogies are here to help! Read more about it at:




Agree To Disagree

WordsMouth_WpCAre we really willing to entrust the security of millions and millions of people to one of the front-runners on the debate stage of the Republican Party tonight?

Apparently, the answer is "yes", as we were willing to extend the same trust to Sarah Palin the last go-around. Sure, she wasn't the nominee for President, but she was one heartbeat away from it. And like Trump and Carson, she had no clue about what's really going on in the world (but unlike Trump and Carson, she didn't have Brain One).

But, what the hey, let's watch tonight and enjoy the rap - it's all harmless fun at this point in time.

We DO have a recommendation for a future debate, though. How about a "Twitterbate", a hashtagfest of barbs and quips exchanged by the moderators and candidates? All questions and answers short and sweet. And let EVERYONE tweet in at some point in the proceedings (everyone, but Bill Shatner, that is...he wouldn't let anyone get a word in edgewise!).

Now, that's democracy, and we wouldn't be forced to look at anybody's stupid FACE!!!


If you're curious about famous debates in American history, you might want to check out this link:



Beauty and Wisdom

DuhBrains_WpCDon't scoff...it would have been even more difficult to depict brawn.


Battery Power

RobotSex_WpCProvides new insight into Archie Bunker's love for his chair, doesn't it?

And weren't Pee-Wee and Chairry a bit too touchy-feelie?

But wait...let's not be too judgmental or cynical about this. No, let's be open.

Aren't old folks always looking for opportunities and conveniences to improve their end-of-life experience?

Read more about it at:




Blind Date

TinderStrip_WpCCaveat emptor, old pals....



Untethered_WpCSad fact of the matter - it may be easier to get a divorce these days than to get your devices to work wirelessly without problems....


Chit Chat

SmallTalk_WpCTry to have at least one meaningful conversation with someone today.


Communication Breakdown

DoubleTalk_WpCLet's stop talking to each other and stick with Web-based posts!

Obviously, social media posts and other modes of electronic communication are helping us get along so much better....