Saving for Rainy Days

FossilFuel_WpCFirst they tell you that retirement is the gateway to the "Golden Years". Then they say that people lose their sense of purpose when they leave the workforce. Then they say you should get a financial planner to ensure you can leverage your retirement savings properly so you can retire comfortably. Then they tell you need to wait to retire because they (and you) don't have enough money to pay the benefits you have earned. Then they tell you that you're too old to contribute to the 21st century workforce.

Fogies: Not retired, just plain tired.


Work is a Heraclitian Fire

SystemsChange_WpCTired of the b.s. they're dishing out at work? Are you suffering through the latest "paradigm shift"? Have you had it with being "disruptive", "innovative", and "cutting edge"? The Fogies are feelin' ya....


Work, Work, Shirk

Planning_WpCRemember when your teacher sternly asked, "What are you doing back there?" and you replied, "Nothing!", and she snapped back, "Well, doing nothing is doing ill."?

Shoulda listened....



CubeFarm_WpCWe can only recommend-

if you're going to get your soul sucked, find a more pleasurable way to get it accomplished.



Inhuman Resources


Hi, friends!

We know…you are all gainfully employed.

Or, you are enjoying blissful retirement, cashing in on that generous employer-based retirement package now that you’ve put in your 35 years of service.

Or, perhaps you are leveraging that 401K you established in 1990, in combination with multiple employer-matched retirement accounts, to garner a nice retirement income in combination with a fulfilling “second career” working at a winery or small-market sports franchise.

Or, maybe your ass has just been kicked by:

  • a late-career layoff
  • government sequestration
  • a languishing Social Security Disability Insurance claim (and denial)

and you are desperately trying to find employment!

Welcome to electronic job search, a de-personalized and complex approach to describing and marketing your skills.  It makes the old mantra: “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” sound like a love song.


Work, Work, Work!!

RetireHome_WpC...so said the mayor in "Blazing Saddles". And too bad for him - he looked to be something of a fogey, and there he was, slaving away in his office....

What with the Social Security Administration's exciting announcement of a 1.7% cost-of-living adjustment for beneficiaries in 2015, who isn't weighing the work vs. retirement question?