Gold Rush

SeniorOlylmpics1_P1WebCThe Fogies are taking a break from one of their favorite Olympics activities to share some early observations and random thoughts/questions about the Summer Games:

  1. How does NBC manage to find so many apoplectic color commentators for this shindig? Their often-uncalled-for mania is as annoying as canned laughter tracks on bad sitcoms. Geesh, take a Xanex and relax!
  2. The Opening Ceremony theatrics were amazing! We could watch that again, no problem.
  3. If you haven't done so already, find a way to watch events other than NBC's tiresome "big events" coverage. You can actually focus on the competition rather than cult-of-personality story lines that are so important to the network's pre-planned programming agenda.
  4. If it wasn't obvious to you already, the Rio Games certainly highlight the problems with extreme "haves" and "have-nots" capitalism. What's the trickle-down plan for helping poor people in Rio when this is all over?
  5. What's the matter with Bob Costas' eye?

Are You Talkin' To ME?


The will to power is a very strange thing. Most people do not desire power. Empowerment, yes; power, no. Thus, we are bound to be followers.

And so, we may be blessed or we may be cursed, history forever the final judge.


(N)oh, Canada!

CanadaWall_WpCWhen will politicians get that "wall thang" right?

When a Fogey runs for office!


Inside the Beltway

Beltway_WpCAll you candidates, all you pundits - STOP judging candidates on their physical appearance! It's the Kardashianization of presidential politics.


Resting B#@tch Face

ColdRainyNightWebEvery once in a while, digital humanity comes up with an extremely funny dumbass idea and promulgates it and propagates it and makes it rise to an overwhelming level of popularity because people immediately recognize its stupidity and hilarity.

To wit: the "Resting B#@tch Face" phenomenon.

Old folks are perennial victims of social isolation and discrimination because they tend to have a resting b#@tch face as an inherent consequence of aging. Or as an inherent consequence of straddling the 20th and 21st centuries. But that's a serious topic for another time.

Nearly everyone has resting b#@tch face if they get into trouble. To wit: Richard Nixon or Beaver Cleaver or Mel Gibson.

But the real boondoggle in the resting b#@tch face game is when a glamorous celebrity is caught unawares in the resting b#@tch face zone.

Last time we went to get haircuts we had to wait a while for service. To pass the time, we played resting b#@tch face while thumbing through the celebrity photos in "Star" magazine. Now that's a good time!

Read more about resting b#@tch face at:




Erectile Dysfunction

CialisLet’s face it, fans, nobody likes softies (with the exception of that great ice cream truck classic, “Mr. Softee”).

In this classic toon, the Fogies grope with the issue of erectile dysfunction with little success, and end up with more questions than answers.

Such as:

Was erectile dysfunction a problem before the drug companies began to develop and sell medications to treat the disorder?

Or, did erectile dysfunction suddenly become a problem after the drugs were created and went to market?

Those are some hard questions, aren't they?

In any case, seems like a lot of old boys have the problem these days. And the Fogies are here to help! Read more about it at:





Evolution1_WpCScience is not purely empirical.


You're Looking Marvel-ous

SilverSurfer_WpCThere goes one of our favorite comic book characters, relegated to a the status of a Digital Age descriptor.

Oh, well, whether you're a Silver Surfer or not, we're sure glad you like to visit us here!


Saving for Rainy Days

FossilFuel_WpCFirst they tell you that retirement is the gateway to the "Golden Years". Then they say that people lose their sense of purpose when they leave the workforce. Then they say you should get a financial planner to ensure you can leverage your retirement savings properly so you can retire comfortably. Then they tell you need to wait to retire because they (and you) don't have enough money to pay the benefits you have earned. Then they tell you that you're too old to contribute to the 21st century workforce.

Fogies: Not retired, just plain tired.