Involuntary Disco

Twerking_WpCSeems like seniors are dancing all the time these days.

Recreation programs at most senior centers "offer" dance as a social activity. Problem is, even if you haven't danced a step since your own or your kids' weddings many years ago, you are now expected to somehow enjoy dancing (with relative strangers) in the twilight of your life. Yeah, and pass the liver while you're at it....

And many of us spend time dancing more often than we sit still. But not because we want to. Tremors, tremblers, twerks, and tics keep us hopping day and night. Isn't disco fun?

What's worse? What COULD be worse? Go to the TV room on the same night "Dancing with the Stars" is airing. Just TRY to use the remote to channel surf while Bristol Palin is trying to survive her last pirouette. The heck with dancing - you better be able to RUN!