Heck No Techno!

HeckNoTechnoWho dares stand in the way of Progress? Who shall say that the world was a better place before the Technology Gods tore the pencils from our hands, rendered our postage stamps useless, and made real conversation a virtual impossibility? Who among us would admit that each day is now fraught with countless moments of frustration and flash anger, whenever Auto-Correct tells us what we really meant to say, or our credit card statements report 100 purchases made at the Best Buy in Jakarta, or our spam filters have been breached? Who might suggest that the proliferation of cable and satellite entertainment and news outlets is but a cacophony of sound and vision, Babel rebuilt for the modern age?

If anyone would deign to be so bold, where would he make his voice heard? How would she reach the ears of those who should heed this subversive message?

Take one guess.....