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SelfDriveCar_WpC...and you thought leaving your car with the valet was risky.


Battery Power

RobotSex_WpCProvides new insight into Archie Bunker's love for his chair, doesn't it?

And weren't Pee-Wee and Chairry a bit too touchy-feelie?

But wait...let's not be too judgmental or cynical about this. No, let's be open.

Aren't old folks always looking for opportunities and conveniences to improve their end-of-life experience?

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Summer Lacklusters of 2015, Part Deux

SoapboxSmilingWpCWe've hit the mid-point of the summer movie season and we have some random thoughts and questions to share. Be sure to share your own comments with everyone!

1. Amazing. Check out the titles of recently-released movies that easily could have been used for the new "Magic Mike" flick: "A Poem is a Naked Person", "Fresh Dressed", "Soul Boys of the Western World", "Do I Sound Gay?", "Adult Beginners", "What We Did On Our Holiday", "Ardor", "Skin Trade", "Hot Pursuit", "United Passions", and last, but not least, "Balls Out". Just go to one of these if your "Magic Mike" showing is sold out.

2. How dare they degrade everyone's cherished memories of "National Lampoon's Vacation" by releasing the new sequel, "Vacation"? The flick clearly appears to be a pure p.o.c. with ripped off themes and twisted scenes from the original. Patrons at bars throughout America should boo the trailer whenever it comes on the set. And no one should buy a ticket.

3. "Baahubali". Really? Who's going to try to say this when they walk up to the ticket counter?

4. Why didn't we have an election to determine if Arnold should have starred in "Terminator Genisys" or not? Seems we'd have been happier with a different robotic lead man.

5. "Amy". Sad. Another artist/narcissist runs off the tracks while everyone stands by and watches it happen.