Tastefully Appointed

Cabinet_WpcCTrump is stumbling, the rest of the pack is a mess. Hillary is busy practicing how to laugh spontaneously. The door is wide open for our candidate! And it's never too early to plan for the future....


Campaign 2016: The Trump Card

SoapboxStinksWpCWe have to admit, we had absolutely no interest in "The Apprentice" when it enjoyed a very popular run on television a few years ago. Who wants to watch a blowhard working hard to get other blowhards to work hard for him? Well, apparently, millions of people.

And now, he's at it again! Only on this show he's the only member of the cast and the ratings are even higher.

Sure, Ronald put Bonzo to bed, Sonny split from Cher, Gopher abandoned ship, and Arnold terminated his robotic acting career - all to serve a new constituency. But Donald Trump's bid for the Presidency may be the most interesting star-turned-politician story of our time. Because Trump was a REALITY star, not an actor, right?

Or maybe not right. Because now it looks like we're willing to check reality at the door, doesn't it?

The Fogies may just need to do something about this. Stay tuned for a big announcement in the days ahead....